May 24, 2016

A happy hello....

I'm sharing more cards today made from the Papertrey Ink Don't Forget To Write Kit. I spent some time die cutting and stamping flowers, stamping a sentiment then adding typed words with my vintage typewriter and selecting papers and envelopes.  
 I ended up with a fun little set of generic greeting cards, perfect for any occasion.  My favorite colors too.
 Fun details added like machine stitching, the gold paperclip and Washi tape.  Old dictionary paper was used for the background. Card sets are from Paper Source.
 A hand stamped envelope makes receiving a card in the mail just that much more special.
Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by!  Your comments are always appreciated so thank you if you take the time to leave me a note. :)

May 21, 2016

Just a note of thanks card set....

In my previous post, I shared a card making station that I set up.  Here's my first batch of note cards.  
 I usually mass produce when I get out my supplies because it's just as easy to take a little more time to stamp a mess of cards rather than just one at a time.
 Vintage music paper in the background.  Die cuts, stamping, stitching and a paperclip to finish off the fronts.
On the envelopes, I stamped a sentiment then added a splash of watercolor to coordinate with the card fronts.  More to come, stay tuned.  What have you been creating lately?

May 20, 2016

Don't forget to write card making station...

Long time no blog, friends.  It's been a very busy month around here with Mother's Day, graduations, birthdays, end of school activities, softball, etc.  I made it over the hump and finally took some time to do something just for me.  After spending way too much money of store bought cards recently I decided to take some time to set up a card making station.  It's one of my favorite things to do.....just gather up stamps, papers, washi tape, embellishments and more and organize them all in a vintage basket.  The perfect little set up to help create some hand made cards. 
 The main stamp set I'm using is from a kit designed by Betsy Veldman from Papertrey.  She has been knocking it out of the ballpark with her fun designs.  Below is the stamp set that came with the kit but that's just a little bit of the kit...there are dies, stickers, envelopes and much to play with.
 I love colored envelopes and these are the ones that came with the kit.  I also have a huge stash of some fun colors from Paper Source and a few other places that I'll dig into also.
 Still loving gold accents so I fished a few things out of my stash.
 Baker's twine to coordinate with the colors in the kit.
 All tucked into some vintage wood storage boxes.  Those typewriter mini Instagrams are from my shop here.
Stay tuned, I've been made a list of cards I'd like to have on hand and I'll be sharing some designs soon.  You can also see previews on my Instagram account.  I'm MishWooderson over there.

March 21, 2016

Travel Sketch Rolls.....

I've had a lot of people take notice of my Travel Sketch Rolls that I use to tote around my art supplies.  By request I've added some to my shop.  They measure about 9" x 13" unfolded so they're smaller than your average brush roll.  I can tuck in all the supplies you see below.  This assortment holds my metal travel paint palette, pens, brushes, pencil, eraser and more. 
 This set up includes a small sketch book along with pencil, eraser and an assortment of pens.
 Here's the Travel Sketch Roll in use.  I wrap the ribbon tie around the folded over roll and stand it upright so I can easily reach my tools.
 For travel and storage just fold over the flap and fold the roll in half.  Wrap the tie around and tuck in for closure.  Throw it in your purse or art bag.  Easy peasy.
 How about the planner lovers?  These would be great for highlighters, pens and the like.  This one below is available in my shop now.
 So is this one of a kind Travel Sketch Roll made from vintage fabric.  There's a few more styles too.
You can find them RIGHT HERE.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out my Instagram at MishWooderson for more artsy stuff.

March 14, 2016

Spring Rain series of cards...

I've been practicing my watercolor clouds which resulted in a nice little pile of pretty landscapes.  
 That led to a series of cards in my Spring Rain series.
 I revised the colors in my palette and the best way to get to know your colors is to just play around with them.
 I wrapped up all the cards with a clear envelope and pretty purple ribbon.  Perfect for you and perhaps one for a friend.  I love tucking these into Easter baskets or little birthday bags as everyone could use a card.
 Cards are now up on my shop HERE.
Thanks for stopping by today!

March 4, 2016

Close to Home series of cards...

This month I'm setting a goal for a daily landscape sketch using my #closetohome hashtag on my Instagram account.  Today I'm sharing some miniature landscapes created with beautiful handmade watercolors.  
 I turned my mini landscapes into some blank greeting cards, numbering the limited edition series with my Close to Home theme.
 All of these landscapes were painted from country landscapes near my home.
 I love winding roads as you just never know what journey they may take you on.
 Beautiful trees and hillsides fading into the distant sky.
 The trees are just now getting their leaves so I'm even more excited to do some en plein air painting.
 My cards are all up for sale in my shop today, my first official paintings are now listed.
You can find the shop link here.  Thanks for stopping by.

February 26, 2016

My art pouch...

So when it comes to storage for almost anything, plastic is not an option for me.  I love handmade, fabric, wood or something vintage.  Below you can see my art pouch that I made to hold an assortment of art supplies.  I can dump it all in and I just love rummaging around for things.  I keep some charcoal pencils and things that get dusty and chalky contained in vintage metal pencil cases found while thrifting.  My pouch is broken in well now and it's soft and slouchy and I love it.  All vintage fabrics, of course.  
 I have one extra one I created in my shop right now.  If there's interest I may make more + I've experimented with flat pencil cases and different sizes.
There's just something about handmade and vintage that speaks to me. It feels more special and has more meaning.   

 Plus it's a one of a kind item.
Let me know what you think.  My girls are already requesting some handmade pouches for their makeup and friends for presents.  Great idea, girls!

February 23, 2016

Watercolored teacup...

Sharing an entry in my artist journal.  Today it's watercolored teacups.  I started by sketching first with pencil then using my Lamy Safari fountain is not waterproof.  
 Great practice and I love that the blue ink bled a little.  Reminds me of that beautiful blue China.
 Closeup of the beautiful way watercolor has a mind of it's own.
 Detail of notepad with shadows.
 I used my Sketch 3 method for this journal entry.  That means that I simply did 3 different types of sketches.  I did the main tea cup with notepad, the blue teacup and the more detailed pattern.  I find that when I take the extra effort to sketch something three different ways, I get more and more practice.
And......#practiceisart.  You can find more of my #mishsketch3 entries on my Instagram account, MishWooderson.  Thanks for stopping by today!
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