September 1, 2014

Project Life 2014....Week 21

Good grief, time is flying by.  This week I'm sharing Week 21 of my Project Life 2014 and here we are already finished with Summer vacation and back in school.  So here goes, this is my full spread.  Lots and lots of photos. I used August Gossamer Blue kit supplies for these pages. 
I wanted to showcase these two 5 x 7 photos of the girls' last days of school at different times.  I ended up trimming them in half and then placed the bottom two sections in the pockets and the top two sections I adhered to the outside of the page protector.  I didn't want to trim the photos right by the girls' heads.
This is the right side of the page.
Love this simple 4 x 6 dated insert.  Stamps are from the GB kits along with my handy dandy date stamps.
The two 5 x 7 photos.  So fun to do a little throwback to past years. It's funny, no matter what the girls decide to wear it always seems they coordinate.  They say they don't plan it but I love how it works out.
Stamps from the Gossamer Blue kits.  Love to stamp them directly on to photos.
Journaling on a little sticker done with my typewriter. 
Journaling card from the kits with a photo on top.
Jordan found this photo in her room while cleaning.  On the back she wrote, "You don't love me."  Oh Jordan, yes we do dear.
A current funny from Jordan.  She snap chatted Josey this photo.  This is so her when doing the dishes. That kid...
Okay guys, I just have to give a shout out to the new Gossamer Blue team.  The gallery is a AMAZING.  You really need to check it out.  This month's kits have been flying out the door as many are already sold out.  They really just keep getting better and better. I'll be back tomorrow to share some of my September work for Tray Tuesday.

August 28, 2014

Honey Beer will never need another recipe.

Edited:  When you link to the recipe it states the amount of beer is 12 ounces.  Hope that helps. 

Sharing recipes is a wonderful thing, isn't it?  I love it when I go to a community gathering or family event and someone brings a delicious new recipe.  Most times, the cook is willing to share the recipe and I go home with a new recipe for my files.  I feel that Pinterest is wonderful way to share recipes too.  I've gotten so many good, good recipes from there.  I always feel inclined to share my favorites.  

For years I searched for the perfect beer bread recipe. I remember going to those Tastefully Simple parties and always thinking that those boxed beer breads they used for sampling the dips were the best. But they were pricey and as someone who likes to make recipes from scratch I didn't want to keep buying the boxed mixes.  My searches always came up empty and believe me I've tried lots of beer bread recipes that failed.  I think I would have just been better off drinking the beer and calling it good.  

But fast forward to today and I have the perfect beer bread recipe.  Seriously, this is good stuff. The recipe is in my Recipes Bread Pinterest board and here is the link to the Honey Beer Bread recipe
 When we have friends over it seems they leave their beer in our garage refrigerator.  Since we are pretty much social drinkers those leftover cans might sit for months.  I usually use up some of the can by making a double batch of the Honey Beer Bread.  I always snicker when I crack open a beer, or two,  at noon. The husband comes home from work and sees empty beer can scattered about and sometimes wonders.....
 Here is the Honey Beer Bread that I made yesterday.  Can yo see how moist it is?  Other beer breads that I tried were dry and crumbly and just tasted like yeast.  These loaves are soft and moist and the honey gives them a slightly sweet taste along with the yeast from the beer.  Yeast....or whatever it's called.
 The top and bottom crusts, just look at how golden they are.  I use a full stick of melted butter for each recipe.  I pour half in the bottom of a sprayed bread pan and then pour half on top.  Fresh from the oven the loaves are slightly crunchy with a buttery flavor.  THE best part.
 For this loaf I added in candied jalapenos (recipes can easily be found on Pinterest) and a sharp cheddar cheese.
 For this loaf I added some fresh dill from my garden and some sharp cheddar cheese.
 Cheese and other additions add so much flavor to the beer bread.
 The possibilities are endless for the additions.  You could also do a bacon/cheddar combo, any herb you like or anything you can think of as long as it will hold up well in the bread.
Of course the plain version is pretty darn good too.  All you really need is REAL butter to top the slices off.  The loaves hold up well and last for days.  I always like to make a double batch, in two separate bowls, and give one as a gift.  Good stuff right here, folks.  Hope you give it a try.

August 27, 2014

Tray displays....some fun styling ideas

I've recently been listing some trays in my shop.  Today I thought it would be fun to share a few ideas on how you can use your trays to display your goodies.  

Here I've gathered some some office supply/crafty items & I've nestled them all on this scalloped rectangle tray.  Have a little tray on your work table or desk is a creative way to display your favorite or most used items. This vintage stapler is now in my shop also right here
If you're looking to do a little Fall crafting, trays are a great way to create little mini kits of your favorite crafting items.
These aluminum trays go great with anything tin or galvanized.  Here I used a small jello mold to hold some pretty paper flowers.
These decal trays are a favorite of mine.  There's a set of three in the shop now (x 2) and I love them in my craft room or in my kitchen area.  Here I've displayed a little office setting with a stapler, post it notes, some shipping tags and pens in an old glass frog.
You can switch things up for any holiday by using the trays as serving trays for drinks.  Here I've set 4 ironstone  mugs on a tray with some vintage spoons.  Instant hot cocoa tray that can be carried anywhere you choose.
This round scalloped tray is perfect for setting up a shipping station.  Nestle in a few tags, twine, paper clips and some pretty flowers and you've got a fun way to create some tags.
You can leave things a little messy too because the trays still contain everything in one tidy place.
Mason jars always find their way onto my trays.  Here I've used 4 blue mason jars, perfect for serving lemonade out on the porch.  Pair these with a simple vintage tea towel and you instantly create a homespun mood.
If you've got a favorite tray, feel free to link me up in the comments...or if you're on Instagram use #traytuesday or link me up at mishwooderson.  Be on the look out for more fun trays to be in my shop soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

August 26, 2014

Tray Tuesday....Strawberry Jam

Hey everyone. Welcome back to Tray Tuesday.  It's a new series here on the blog where I show you what I have my tray.  I use trays for everything & have quite the little collection going so here goes.  Today I've got homemade Strawberry Jam on a cute red, vintage tray.  
I've been canning so much this Summer that I haven't had time to make room on my shelves for more canned goods.  Until then I have jars of sweet goodness sitting around on my dining room table and everywhere.
I can't seem to grow strawberries very well where I live so I always buy them from the store when they're nice and ripe.
There's nothing like having a jar of fresh jam, bursting with ripened fruit flavor and homemade goodness.
The jars are so pretty too.  If these make it til Christmas, I think they'd make very cute gifts for neighbors and friends.  Maybe include a loaf of freshly baked bread or some scones.
Full of juicy strawberry flavor, this photo just makes my mouth water.
For all of my simple fruit jams and jellies, I typically use the recipes included in the fruit pectin boxes.  They are tested and never seem to fail me.  Here's the recipe I used for my Strawberry Jam today.  This is a canned jam using the water bath method of preservation. Enjoy!

I'd love to hear what's on your tray today.  Feel free to leave a link or comment in the comments section below.  If you follow along on Instagram (mishwooderson), feel free to use the hashtag #traytuesday to show me what's on your tray.

I've recently listed some vintage trays in my shop.  Here's just a few samples.....

These black trays are quite striking.  A little worn and chippy but would be so cute with mason jars lined up or filled with craft supplies
Aluminum trays are understated but go with about everything.  I like to place little jello molds on these to hold small bits and pieces of paper kits.
Round trays are always fun to use to serve drinks in mason jars or just grab a tray while you're working on a craft project.  Place a vintage napkin on top and pile high with homemade muffins or cookies.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great day!

August 22, 2014

Shop vintage finds

Just added some new vintage items to the shop + I gave a new look to the storefront.  You can find the shop link here.  

Enamel trays just like the ones I use....perfect for creating watercolor palettes. Plus a cup for water.
 A fun colander bowl...
 Old staplers.....

 Pretty tapestries.....

 If you've enjoyed my Tray Tuesday post, you might want to join in yourself.  Lots of fun trays.....

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend everyone!

August 20, 2014

Project Life 2014.....Week 20

Today I'm sharing Week 20 of my Project Life 2014.  I'm behind in sharing and way behind on my weeks but that's okay.  The kids are back in school and I plan to whittle away at those photos day by day.  Still loving the process, still loving looking back at these albums.  

So here's the full, 2 page spread.  I kept it very simple this week and continue to do so to catch up a little. 
 These pages use the August kits from Gossamer Blue.
 My mom had a knee replacement to start the Summer off so it was a busy 6-8 weeks getting her on her feet again.  I finished my quilt top too.  Now I just need to finish the binding.  All those pretty plants are drying up now.  Funny how time passes so quickly.
 Love these little sticky notes to pieces.  I typed, stapled, stamped, stitched and stickered all over this one.
 Signs of Spring and baby kittens and my first Iris.
 Embracing every new "today".
Hope you're still trucking along with your Project Life.  Feel free to share your progress in the comments section.
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